.MD Introduction

.md is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Moldova.

As in the US the initials "MD" are usually given after the name of a Doctor of Medicine, the .md top-level domain was once heavily marketed toward people in the medical profession at a premium price. As of 2012 it is marketed toward the general public for $150.00 per year and there are approximately 20,000 .md registrations.

General Country Information
Location Europe Moldova
Country/Region Moldova
Capital Chișinău
Languages Moldovan
Currency Moldovan leu (MDL)
Internet TLD .md
Additional .MD Information
Minimum characters 3
Maximum characters: 65
Number of years allowed for registration 0.0
Number of years allowed for renew 0.0
Number of years allowed for transfer-in 0.0
Requirements None