Renewal Reminders

Renewal reminders will be sent out via email starting 30 days before expiry. You will then receive an email twice a week
reminding you of the renewal of your domain(s). After a domain has been renewed (or deleted), you will receive an email which confirms
the renewal (or deletion). All emails contain the prices to be paid for the renewal.

If you miss the time for the renewal, the domain can be restored. Pricing for restoring the domains can be found here.

When will a domain be deleted?

A domain will be deleted if one of the following conditions holds true:
  • You delete the domain manually (intentionally) before its expiration date
  • You have not paid for the domain's renewal as written in the renewal reminder emails
  • You have set the domain to not renew automatically in our system.

In case a domain is set to renew automatically AND you have paid the renewal fee in time, the domain WILL be renewed!