About Us

DomainDiscounter is an exclusive product of Nanjing Imperiosus Technology Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in ccTLD & gTLD registrations and various forms of Internet Domain Name monetization.

For Domainers

Our interface design is targeted towards the needs and wishes of domainers. Highly efficient work flows are supported by offering bulk functions for many different purposes, as e.g. DNS changes, contact updates, domain registration at the industry's best prices, or transfers.

In our tool section, domainers can find various tools to retrieve useful information from the Internet, such as a whois lookup of most ccTLD names and gTLD names, a nameserver lookup, tracing routes to available servers, or various typo generating tools.

Upcoming features include geographical directional IP-based DNS, optional IP-based restrictions to our web interface for enhanced security.

Currently domaindiscounter.com provides customer support in English, German, Chinese and Dutch.

For ISPs

We offer solutions for ISPs that want to monetize their traffic on unregistered domains (NX domain traffic). DomainDiscounter provides the technology and uses its own hardware in different data centers around the world to ensure the best performance possible. Understanding the needs and wishes of ISPs, we are able to offer unparalleled services, technology, and revenue. We also offer ISPs the possibility to become a reseller of DomainDiscounter and provide their customers domain registrations for gTLDs as well as ccTLDs. Contact us today to get to know more details!