1. How can I register domains with you?

You have to apply for a membership with DomainDiscounter. Please do so by clicking on the button "Open an Account Now" on the index page and provide your personal details on the Sign-up Page. You will receive an activation email in due time whether your application has been sent to us successfully. Your account will be activated by clicking on the web link included in this email, then you can log in and start registering domains at the industry's lowest prices.Top ↑

2. Once I'm signed up, how do I get started?

The best way to get started is in the "Domain Management" menu. You can find two sections under "Profiles" there: Address Profiles and Name Server Profiles. In the address profiles you should create a contact address which you want to use for registering and transferring domains. You can create as many different profiles as you wish. In the Name Server Profiles section you can enter all domain name servers you wish to use for registering (or transferring) domains. After that, you can use the "Domain Registration" link or the "Domain Transfer" link in the "Domain Management" section to register and/or transfer domains to your account.Top ↑

3. When I change some contact data, does that affect the domains I have already registered?

If you change some contact data, even if it's your account's data, it might affect your domains! To be precise, it will affect all domains which have been registered to this contact profile. Your account's contact data will be available as Contact Profile "Default" during registration or transfer. Be aware that in some cases it may cost money to update contact details. A few registries charge for changing e.g. the domain's registrant data.Top ↑

4. How do I move domains from one folder to another in the "My Domains" view?

Very simple: Drag & Drop. This can also be done with the folders... Try to create a few new folders and drag & drop them in the folder tree view.Top ↑

5. Will moving domains to another folder affect the contact data or any other data of these domains?

No.Top ↑

6. Will the "Delete" function delete a domain immediately?

Yes! Be very careful with that function!Top ↑

7. Oops, I have accidentally deleted a domain. I want to recover it now, how to do that?

You can't! That's why we have said that you should be very careful with the delete function! Please contact us at Our Email Support in this case. We will see if we can recover your domain. However, most registries will charge money for that, which you would have to pay... Again, be very careful with the "Delete" function! Top ↑

8. I am searching for a domain (or want to register a domain) with special characters but your system says that this is not supported...

Only a few top-level domains are available for registration with special characters. If you are sure that the TLD you wish to register supports special characters (IDN), but our system refuses the registration, please let us know (Our Email Support)! We will integrate the IDN support for the TLD in question then. Top ↑

9. In my account balance I find entries like "Reimbursement...". What is that?

Something to be happy about! You got money back. In some cases it can happen that the registry refuses the registration of a domain due to some restrictions we could not check beforehand (e.g. some countries forbid the registration of adult-related domain names). If your domain name could not be connected, we will delete it from our database and reimburse you the money that has been charged before.Top ↑

10. I have registered a domain name and your system reported that the registration was successful. However, my domain is not connected, yet. What should I do?

As outlined in the previous question, some registries forbid certain names to be registered. That means, they will check every name manually before they actually connect them. That procedure can take a few hours, maybe even a few days. For this time, your domain appears in your portfolio, but you won't be able to change any details about that domain. As long as you cannot change any details of that domain, please do not expect it to be connected. As soon as it is connected, we will release this domain and you can start changing details (e.g. name servers, contact data etc.). However, please be patient.Top ↑

11. I have registered a domain and it is already connected. However, I cannot change any details of that domain...

If a domain has been connected recently, it can take up to two hours before you will be able to change something about it. If this time period is too long for you, please let us know(Our Email Support). Also, if you update a domain, we will block any further updates until we have received a confirmation from the registry that the update has been processed. This can be immediately, but some registries take up to one day for this to happen.Top ↑

12. What is that additional information for .it domains when I create a new address profile?

For registering Italian domain names (and Danish, Swedish, and .asia domains), we need to know your passport number. This is a requirement by the registry.Top ↑

13. Is it safe to enter my passport information to your system? I have a bad feeling!

It is totally understandable that you have your doubts about that. We guarantee that all your details are safe with us. Please read ourPrivacy Policyfor more details. If you do not wish to enter this information, please do not do it! Instead, please contactOur Email Supportto discuss how to proceed with the registration of the domain you wish to buy.Top ↑

14. I want to register a domain but my account does not have enough funds. What should I do?

Currently, we offer account funding via "PayPal mass payment" to paypal@domainerschoice.com (our PayPal Account) and wire transfer to (Nanjing Imperiosus Technology Co., Ltd. , Bank of China , 148 ZhongShanNanLu , Nanjing , China . Account Number: 800149704508091001 . Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ940.) Please send the money in the currency you have chosen for your DomainDiscounter account! If you send your funds in another currency, we will exchange your money to the account's currency using the official exchange rate at the day the money arrives in our Paypal or bank account. Due to the current fluctuation of exchange rates, it is best if you send your money in your DomainDiscounter account's currency so that you can be sure which rate applies (in case you have to exchange your money first).Top ↑

15. I want to pay via credit card. Why is this not possible?

Credit card companies levy charges for every transaction which would seriously affect the prices we are able to offer you. In order to keep our prices that low, we cannot accept credit card payments.Top ↑

16. I want to transfer domains out of my account. How do I get the transfer code?

First, you go to "My Domains". Then you select all domains that you want to transfer to another registrar (if they are spread across different folders, please follow these steps for each folder separately). After selecting the domains, click on "Actions" and select "Get Transfer Code". We will send you the list with the authorization codes to your email address which you use for logging in with us. As an abbreviation, we have also included a menu item "Get all Transfer Codes" which will send you the transfer codes of all domains, but this might take a while, depending on the number of domains you have with us. Please be patient in this case. One thing you must know about the transfer codes: WE DO NOT STORE THEM! For security reasons, we do not store any transfer authorization code for your domains. That means, they will be freshly generated every time you call this function. In other words: please only use the last issued code for transferring a domain, all previously issued codes are invalid and will not work!Top ↑

17. I have transfered all my domains out of my account and want to cancel the membership with DomainDiscounter. Will I get my money back?

What? You found someone cheaper? Please let us know! However, in case you really want to cancel your membership, we will reimburse you the money left in your account. Let us know where we should send the money: write an email to Our Email Support.Top ↑

18. Domainers often use terms I don't understand. Do you know what ... means?

We might be able to help out: please click here to find a list of commonly used terms in the domain industry and their definitions. If the term is not in the list (or not explained well enough), please send an email to Our Email Support. We will be happy to sort things out for you.Top ↑

19. I have encountered an error that I don't understand. What should I do?

Please write an email to Our Email Support, explaining what you wanted to do and what response you have received from our system. We are happy to assist you in solving your problem!Top ↑