.LV Introduction

.lv is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Latvia.

Registration is open to foreigners, though the dispute policy says that precedence is generally given to domestic users. There does not appear to be much non-Latvian use of this TLD; exceptions include a few sites apparently using it to suggest Las Vegas—much as .la is used for Los Angeles—or “love”—as in “my.lv,” “we.lv,” or “true.lv”—but these types of usage are not widespread.

General Country Information
Location Europe Latvia
Country/Region Latvia
Capital Riga
Languages Latvian
Currency Lats (Ls) (LVL)
Internet TLD .lv
Additional .LV Information
Minimum characters 3
Maximum characters: 65
Number of years allowed for registration 0.0
Number of years allowed for renew 0.0
Number of years allowed for transfer-in 0.0
Requirements None