.AT Introduction

.at is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Austria. It is administered by NIC.AT.

The .at top-level domain has a number of second-level domains. However, it is also possible to register directly at the top level. Given the number of English words that end with -at, this presents the possibility for many domain hacks. All second level domain names must be at least three characters long e.g. form.at or bor.at. Domain hacks treating "at" as a word in its own right (such as arrive.at) are also widespread.

General Country Information
Location Europe Austria
Country/Region Austria
Capital Vienna
Languages German
Currency EURO
Internet TLD .at
Additional .AT Information
Minimum characters 3
Maximum characters: 63
Number of years allowed for registration 0.0
Number of years allowed for renew 0.0
Number of years allowed for transfer-in 0.0
Requirements None, except for restricted subdomains .gv.at and .ac.at